Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 Tips Building Your Child Self-Esteem

1. BE GENEROUS WITH PRAISE - Parents must develop the habit of looking for situations in which children are doing good jobs, displaying talents, or demonstrating positive character traits. Remember to praise children for jobs well done and for effort.

2. TEACH POSITIVE SELF-STATEMENTS- It is important for parents to redirect children's inaccurate or negative beliefs about themselves and to teach them how to think in positive ways.

3. AVOID CRITICISM that takes the form of ridicule or shame. Blame and negative judgements are at the core of poor self-esteem and can lead to emotional disorders.

4. TEACH CHILDREN ABOUT DECISION MAKING and to recognize when they have made good decisions. Let them 'own' their problems. if they solve them, they gain confidence in themselves. if you solve them, they'll remain dependent on you. take the time to answer questions.Help children think of alternative options.

5. SHOW CHILDREN THAT YOU CAN LAUGH AT YOURSELF. Show them that life doesn't need to be serious all the time and that some teasing is all in fun. your sense of humor is important for their well-being.

source:SAMSHA's National Mental Health Information Center.

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